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Collins Brothers History

1934 was a year of many firsts. Franklin Roosevelt was in his first term as President, Babe Ruth became the first Major League Baseball player to hit 700 home runs, alcohol was first being served legally again to a thirsty American public after nineteen long years of Prohibition, and Collins Brothers first opened its doors on North Clark Street here in Chicago.

A simple metal bottle opener and an equally simple bottle of homemade Grenadine were the first products we offered an upstart retail liquor industry. Since that time, four generations of employees have worked hard to make Collins Brothers the leading supplier of non-alcoholic retail bar supplies and accessories in the U.S. Today we proudly service in excess of 13,000 retailers of all types with over 1,400 different products.

Eight decades of success have been built on the fundamental principles of good business partnership: offering quality products at a fair price, providing first-rate customer service and standing behind our word. Those same principles hold true today as they did in 1934. "Everything for the Liquor Retailer Except the Liquor" as we say.